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From the book "Maia Aela" and the chapter "The meeting with Uriel and the second key"

Maia is absolutely sure that the time has come for the greatest experience ever. What Ernesto has just told her is more than she could ever have fathomed. She couldn’t for one moment have imagined that he was holding on to so much information about the two of them, which he wasn’t allowed to tell her until the time was right....

...First, however, I need to give you the second key so that you may enter the eternal kingdom of divinity which you carry in your sacred heart. No, it’s no coincidence that we’re at Sacre Coeur right now. The sacred heart is resting inside these walls, the heart that is burning like a sun.

                      Maia can suddenly feel herself getting quite touched and emotional from the force that is sort of rocking her back and forth. Her heart turns warm again, just like when they were entering the cathedral earlier.

                      - You are sensing the right thing, Maia. It is me touching you and at the same time as I brush against you I unlock your door. The essence of me works like a key for the gate that leads to the sacred heart. It is a golden gate. The sacred heart is the sun that brings all the greenery to life. But no one can see the sun that exists behind the closed doors. Maia and Ernesto, it is of utmost importance and significance that you open this door. Maia, take a moment to feel what happens in your throat when the warmth spreads in your heart. The eternal glow inside your heart needs oxygen from the air in order to burn. That’s why you have to open the gate.

                      What happens in your throat when I touch you is that I unlock the gate to the kingdom of heaven inside your heart. Sometimes this can feel like burning tears. The golden gate to the kingdom of heaven is located inside your throat. You will realise how everything is connected, my child. The obvious connection to the Inca Indians’ god of creation, Wiracocha, is that he was worshipped as the god of both the sun and the storms. It is the energy of the wind that blows open the gate to the kingdom of heaven, which is where the sun is. So there’s your key. The energy of the wind is the key. You are more than welcome to ask for my help when you wish to use the second key. This gate is one of the hardest to open, but also one of the most important. Behind this golden door there are stretches of green forests and meadows and the life force is awoken in the form of a big, longing, blue flower. The inner confirmation and strength let you see your true self. When the sun is finally allowed to shine – thanks to the lovely tune of the wind via your throat – the inner meadow can flourish. No flower can come into bloom and open up its petals without the rays from the sun. This is absolutely imperative for man’s spiritual awakening.

                      At the very moment when the power of the sun stirs within people, the inner divine confirmation is brought to life and thus there is no need for outer confirmation.  The four elements echo as vibrations of the soul and create the right conditions for growth and life. The current condition inside of you is a state of longing and yearning. Eternity has named this state and this creature to the Blue Flower of Longing. The first key with the energy of water burrows into Mother Earth, so that the soul seed can be planted and left to grow in good soil. The second key with the energy of wind unlocks the gate to the kingdom of the sun, so that the little seed can find its way up and out of the soil, to flourish in full glory. The two keys to Mother God and Father God creates the conditions and circumstances for the third key. The condition is called the Blue Flower of Longing.

                      The white foam on top of Mother Earth’s water is Wiracocha’s clothing and the communication between Mother Earth and Father Heaven is thereby embedded and consolidated in his very essence. My task, in my role as God’s Fire and at the same time the representative of the nature spirits, is the same as the Inca God’s. I join Mother Earth with Father Heaven inside my very being. After the human panning for gold has finally found the key to his heart, the male and female aspect of the inner Kingdom of God is finally embedded in his soul and he can finally start blossoming. This flower is the platform, from which all spiritual life will come in the future. That platform is more important than you can grasp, my children. That’s why I ask you to make a mental note of it. The place for this state of being is the solar plexus, just below the sacred heart! We could call it the soul’s abode.

                      The name of Wiracocha means sea foam and according to mythology he wandered out onto the sea and disappeared in its depths. This image from mythology is a parallel to the third key of eternity for the humans. What happens when the Sun God wanders out into the sea is the same thing that happens when man meets woman. The third key is consequently to do with conception. It is a mythical and spiritual intercourse, so to say. The state of yearning doesn’t occur until both man and woman have been created. Maybe you remember what we have discussed earlier about the fact that Genesis from the Old Testament in the Bible still continues! It is not until man and female have both been perfectly created, that they can start longing for each other and unite. What happens after the four elements have created both man and woman inside of you is that the soul comes into bloom. The very essence of the flower is longing and yearning. Had it not been so, then all forms of life and growth would stop. The state of longing is in-built into the physical existence. One could actually say that the state of longing is the cause of all physical life.

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